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Bartle Frere State School

Bartle Frere State School was officially opened in 1922 and sits at the base of Mt Bartle Frere-Queensland’s highest mountain of 1622 metres.

Our school motto: 'High Achievers-Climbing to the top', reflects the mountain drop that the school sits against. It is the most southern school of the Greater City of Cairns and caters for Prep to Year 6 students in a one teacher school.

Our school is a community school with a strong family focus catering for Family Play Group, Girl Guides, and a range of community events on a regular basis.

The school is historically known for its high achievement and has many outstanding academic and environmental awards. Our philosophy of learning is based on the importance of students having a great day at school every day and that this is a school of choice for every family, which we are proud of.

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